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In general terms, Commercial Plywood is the standard or basic plywood available. MR grade plywood is one example of commercial plywood that is moisture resistant. It can withstand moisture, humidity, and dampness to some extent.

A summary on commercial plywood:

1. The manufacturing process of this plywood includes gluing several veneer sheets together. Different tree species are used to manufacture the veneer sheets obtained from logs of wood.

2. The basic properties and the inside material of commercial plywood remain the same though it is made from different veneer species. The only difference lies in the manufacturing process or treatment, and secondly the adhesives used to glue veneers, and mostly, Urea-formaldehyde is used as adhesive.

3. Concerning geographical location, veneer species vary. Rubber plywood comes from South India whereas other veneer species are from East, North, and West of India.

4. With the advancement of technology and demand for diversity, commercial plywood is made from two different veneer species namely Popular and Eucalyptus that are used alternately to manufacture plywood.

5. This grade of plywood is a very cost-effective product and even a middle-class person can afford it.

Uses of commercial plywood:

Commercial plywood is widely used for interior purposes in residential and commercial spaces. It is preferred in dry areas like the living room, bedroom, study room, offices, etc. The basic application includes the dining table, bedside table, bookshelves, etc.

Advantages of commercial plywood:

1. High tensile strength

2. Highly durable

3. Can easily be molded to create any furniture design

4. It can be used to make a bedroom, living room, and office furniture

5. It is a highly flexible product

6. It is great at resisting moisture

7. Borers and termites resistant

8. Prevents microbial attack on bed frames, sofas to dressing and closet

It has become the trending and priority in the plywood industry and is being exceedingly used by homeowners and architects. These factors help in achieving the required interiors to a great extent.