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High Pressure Exterior Cladding

HPL Exterior Cladding Laminate is a common approach to enhance the appearance of a newly constructed or remodeled exterior. These panels are produced on laminate machines at high pressure and temperature in accordance with international standards. It maintains the longevity of the building’s exterior by providing superior weather protection with two hardened resins. In accordance with modern trends, Advance Laminate has designed a variety of façade-covering materials with elegant designs.

Factors to think about when choosing exterior wall cladding

Wall cladding on the outside of buildings protects them and makes them appear preferable. One’s choice of cladding will have a tremendous effect on how the home looks, how much it costs to build, and how much it’s worth. So, one needs to pick the best cladding for the home and the budget. When deciding on exterior cladding, think about the following:


The Hpl exterior cladding one chooses should protect the house from changing weather patterns. The design of the installation and the material used to cover it must keep vermin out. Always choose cladding with a surface that doesn’t react with anything to make the building more impervious.


The total insulation value of a building might even go up if the structure’s cladding systems are supported. Putting cladding on the outside of a building could help keep the temperature inside at a decent level. The better the insulation grade of the cladding you choose, the more energy you will save.

Being preferable and durable

The choice of cladding has a big effect on the quality, longevity, and durability of the building. The durability of the cladding should match how long the building is expected to last. You should put cladding on your house to make it worth more.

Costing is affected by things like the ability to build and the availability of materials. One should not choose cheap cladding that sacrifices quality. Therefore, evaluate price but also value. A pricey item might save you money in the long run.


The cost of cladding depends on how much maintenance it needs. The less maintenance you have to do, the more money you will save in the long run.

Distinctive Attributes

The HPL Laminate, which is mostly used in outdoor applications as a self-supporting HPL Compact, satisfies the following criteria:

  • Weather Adaptability and Aging Effectiveness

Exterior Advance Laminates cladding panels may be directly affected by both sunlight and weather conditions like rain, hail, and dust from the wind. Surface contamination may be caused in part by exhaust fumes and acid rain. It doesn’t change because of excessive heat, and its physical and mechanical properties don’t change either. Environmental factors, like going from -10°C to +60°C or from a dry climate to 90% relative humidity, have no effect on how the panel looks.

  • Stability in dimensions

With the best environmental conditions, there isn’t much change in size due to atmospheric effects. It shrinks in places with low humidity and grows in places with high humidity. The compactness of Advance Laminates exterior cladding panels has great mechanical properties, such as flexural, tensile, compressive, and impact strength, because they are so firm together. The high density and regularity of the panels allow for the best retention.

  • Physical vigor and the aging process

High-Pressure Laminate has a high elasticity modulus, bending strength, and shock resistance due to its composition, as well as a low weight per area and excellent weathering resistance.

  • Water repellency 

HPL is resistant to precipitation, humidity, and wet environments. It is recommended to avoid prolonged exposure to water.

  • non-corrosive in nature.

HPL is a non-metallic construction material that is resistant to corrosion in the face of damaging forces. Exhausts and acid rain have almost no effect on HPL. No delamination will occur.

  • Selection of hues and lightfastness.

When exposed to visible light, especially UV rays, colour pigments deteriorate. HPL utilizes the most stable and ecologically friendly pigments. Compact laminates according to EN 438-6 Type EGF/EGS are often available in lighter shades.

Maintenance and cleaning

After routine cleaning and maintenance, HPL Exterior Cladding needs no more upkeep or maintenance. For cleaning boards that just have a small coating of dirt on them, warm or hot water will serve the purpose. After installation, if the boards get filthy, clean them with water, soap, or a mild detergent that is not abrasive, and then rinse them with water. If detergent cannot be used to clean the surface, you should not scratch or otherwise damage it. In order to get information on how to remove unusual stains, such as graffiti, please get in touch with Advance Laminates. We are always there to help.


What is Laminates?

Composite laminates are a plate with many layers upon layers of fibre reinforcement and hardened resin. Adjustments and modifications can be implemented to the number of layers, the type of fibre (carbon, glass, or something else), the arrangement of the fabric (e.g., woven, stitched mat, uni-directional), the type of resin, and other things to make a structural element that meets a certain requirement. Raw materials (fibre, resin, and usually some filler) can’t be used as building materials on their own, but when they’re put together, the product gains qualities that make it perfect for a construction site. Laminates, which are sheets of hardened composite material, are often cut into small pieces for mechanical testing to make sure they have the character traits that were pledged.

What are the prerequisites for choosing a laminate?

You are not the only one who feels like there are too many options for decorating spaces with laminate materials. Many customers choose laminate finishes that are of high quality, i.e., high-pressure laminates that look great in modern settings. 

  1. Meticulously choose the colours and patterns of the laminate

Remember that the colour combinations you choose will have a big effect on how your space looks as a whole, so take your time and pick the best ones. The beautiful shade of red you generally see in big office spaces might make your house look even smaller. Choose a colour based on how big the room is, how much natural light comes in, how you cook, and, of course, what you like.

  • Opt materials are made of high-pressure laminates.

High-pressure laminates are stuck to the substrate with a lot of heat and pressure. Compared to low-pressure laminates, they last a lot longer. This is especially important in the kitchen, where all surfaces must be heat- and moisture-resistant. The thickness of these laminates ranges from 0.70 mm to 1.22 mm. Even if you use a high-pressure laminate, you shouldn’t let water and moisture stay on it for a long time.

  • Trim for the Laminate Edge

Your modular kitchen cabinets, bathroom and drawers in rooms and office spaces will usually have an edge-banded finish, no matter what kind of laminate you choose. Edge bands are thin laminate strips that are used to finish the edges of your shutters. They give your bifold doors a clean look and make them more stable in size. The curve band seals the bifold doors’ edges, keeping moisture from getting into the parts within them.

  • Anti-Bacterial and Flame-Resistant Laminates

Check to see if the things you want to buy are resistant to fire and have antimicrobial activity properties to make sure they will last and stay clean. Surfaces that are flame resistant don’t catch fire easily. They can also stand up to heat and smoke better. Germs and bacteria won’t grow on surfaces that don’t allow them to, which is a huge benefit for any family.

Laminate is broadly categorised into High-Pressure Laminate and Low-Pressure Laminate:

High-Pressure Laminate (HPL)

Several methods were used to make HPL, which stands for high-pressure laminates. HPL is made of six layers of resin-soaked kraft paper, decorative sheets, and a protective layer which is visible. The layer is then put under a lot of pressure and heated to more than 140 °C. To make a high-pressure laminate, these are put together under high pressure and heat. High-pressure laminates don’t get scratched or burn, are easy to clean, and are safe to use. When choosing furniture for a lab, office, commercial kitchen, or healthcare facility, HPL should be taken into account.

Low-Pressure Laminate (LPL)

Low-pressure laminate (LPL) is very different from high-pressure laminate (HPL) in many ways. LPL, also called direct-pressure laminate or melamine board, is made of one or two layers of decorative kraft paper that are pressed at much lower pressures and temperatures (29–435 psi at 335–375 °F) onto a substrate like particleboard.

LPL is the least expensive laminate option because it requires less time and fewer components to make. LPL is made for low-impact uses, like vertical surfaces, and is not as strong or resilient as HPL.

Other Types of Laminates

  • Regularly sized and compressed laminate sheets

The thickness of these two types of laminates is not the same. Normal laminate, which sticks to wood or plywood, can be anywhere from 1.3 mm to 8-9 mm thick. Compressed laminates that can stand on their own can be used instead of wood or plywood.

  • Decorative and Industrial Laminate

Decorative laminates are known for their good looks and a wide range of patterns, textures, colours, and finishes. The thickness of this material is about 1 mm. They are used to make furniture like cabinets, shelves, doors, and office cubicles because of how they look and how well they protect them.

Industrial laminates are used in industrial settings because they can handle heavy loads and don’t wear down easily. They are used to make storage containers, circuit boards, and other types of industrial furniture. There are also fire-resistant kinds that are used in kitchen laminate, hospitals, colleges, and airports. Antibacterial and antifungal laminates are used in hospitals and daycare centres, and outdoor UV laminates are used for billboards and cladding.

  • Laminate based on colour, finishes and pattern

Lamination materials can be made to look and feel different, so they can go with any style of interior design. It comes in a number of colours and beautiful themes or patterns. It is also divided into larger groups based on design and surface finish, such as laminate type.

  1. Matte finish Laminate– Because these laminates aren’t shiny and don’t have a lot of shimmers, they look “matt.” The best thing about these laminates is that their dull look makes defects and scratches less obvious. They can be used on floors, kitchen cabinets and countertops, and in business settings.
  2. Shiny and glossy textured laminate– Unlike laminates with a “matt” finish, the surface of these laminates looks “glossy” or “shiny.” This shiny finish gives the home furnishings or room a rich look and often makes them stand out and feel enticing. People often see these laminates in restaurants, spas, hotels, and the event business. Because they are easy to maintain, they are often used for kitchen cabinets.
  3. Metallic finish laminates– The surfaces of the furniture look like metal because of this composite material. They are strong and easy to clean and take care of. Metallic laminates are used in business buildings like offices and showrooms.
  4. Textured surface laminate– Textured laminates can be felt on the substratum. They are a type of decorative laminate that adds to the beauty of the area by making amazing things happen. Most of the time, these laminates are used to cover walls, make floors, and build commercial buildings.
  5. Single-coloured laminates- Mono-glossic Laminate– These are the most common laminates. The whole laminate sheets is one solid colour, with no patterns or textures. They are great for upper cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom.
  6. Leather sheet laminate– When these laminates are put on a surface, they make it look like leather. They look good on cabinets and other pieces of furniture, such as the back of beds and shelves.

You can rely on us, Advance Laminate

Advance Laminates is one of the best laminate companies in India. It has a long history of excellent craftsmanship, unbeatable quality, and a relentless commitment to excellence. With a production capacity of 100,000 laminate sheets per year, we’ve always made sure you could get high-quality products. From the start, new technologies and creative solutions have led the way. We can help architects, interior designers, and end-users add elegance and personality to their ideas for home decor.

HPL Exterior Cladding

HPL exterior cladding, or high-pressure laminate cladding, is a frequent strategy for wrapping the backyard and internal industrial spaces. HPL Exterior Cladding is familiar for its distinct, elegant, and state-of-the-art appearance. It is reachable in a range of patterns, colors, and layouts, making it a high-quality floor cloth for workspaces. HPL cladding is created by means of urgent and heating several layers of thermosetting resin-soaked Kraft paper. This strengthens the hyperlink between the layers.

Choosing a surfacing cloth for the exteriors of your property can be confusing, given the infinite picks accessible in the market. Though there are quite a number of choices, such as stone cladding, metallic cladding, concrete cladding, and steel mesh cladding, HPL cladding continues to dominate the panorama for extra than one reason. While HPL wall cladding is a long-lasting floor material, it is essential to maintain a few matters in thought when planning to install it on the exteriors of your property. Continuing on the topic, we talk about three key elements to reflect on consideration when planning to install HPL exterior cladding. Read on.

1. Climatic Conditions

When putting in HPL wall cladding to the exteriors of your space, it is necessary to preserve idea exclusive climate prerequisites such as heat, rain, cold, and humidity. Though HPL wall cladding has high water resistance, it is vital to maintain a take a look at publicity to extra water and moisture. In addition, HPL exterior cladding can additionally be used in areas having intense temperatures, as it is a bad conductor of heat, which makes it much less inclined to growth or contraction.

2. Protection in opposition to Fire

Fire retardant is some other essential thing that ought to affect your selection to pick HPL exterior cladding as the surfacing cloth for your space. Make positive the HPL exterior cladding you select has been certified for the fire-resistant check carried out as per the British Standard 476: Part 6: 1989 “Methods of check for Fire Propagation for Products.” After the qualifying test, the HPL wall cladding is awarded the Fire Propagation Test Certificate, which is proof of its resistance to precise temperatures or fire.

3. External Factors

Apart from climate conditions, different exterior elements such as dirt accumulation, scratches, and microbial boom ought to be regarded whilst putting in HPL wall cladding. Wall cladding alternatives at Advance Laminate are resistant to most of these exterior factors, but following easy preservation and care, the regime will allow HPL wall cladding to remain longer barring dropping its aesthetic appeal.

High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) Features & Advantages

HPL has been a famous product ordinarily used in the fixtures and building industries. Why? Because High-pressure compact laminates have fascinating homes and characteristics. Some of them considerably enhance the advantages supplied by using different choice products:

1. Strong Scratch and Impact Resistance

The defensive layer of those varieties the HPL tile approves it to emerge as an extraordinarily resistant cloth to scratches and robust effects accordingly keeping its brightness and gloss for a good deal longer than different materials. HPL laminated wood-like finishes supply us with the phantasm of having doorways or fronts characterized by using a dwelling material, except for the negative aspects that the latter can also entail.

2. Infiltration Resistance

Another necessary advantage with an appreciation of the resistance in HPL high-pressure laminates is that it is a particularly airtight product on the grounds that it totally prevents the infiltration of water or any different liquid below the floor layer. With very low water absorption and moisture content, it is, therefore, a very steady product in opposition to environmental changes.

3. Hygienic Properties

High-pressure laminates are amongst the most hygienic merchandise on the market. Bacteria want to diet and moisture to proliferate; this is not possible in a fabric such as HPL laminate. Its property referred to above on moisture resistance makes it an antibacterial product, characterized by the aid of a floor so strong that dust can’t penetrate.

4. Light Stability and UV Ray Resistance

It can be emphasized that high-pressure laminates are stable to light, and their color will no longer trade over time keeping their uniform and homogeneous tone. All this thanks to the high-pressure laminate additionally has balance in opposition to mild and resistance to UV rays.

5. Very Resistant To Stains

HPL has excessive stain resistance due to floor consistency; it is even regarded as an “anti-graffiti” product. The sheets of paper, from which the laminate is composed, are soaked in resins successful in waterproofing the surface, consequently the dust slips and does now not penetrate into the underlying layers.

6. Heat Resistance

Good resistance to excessive temperatures. Greater than that of any product derived from wood, achieving up to a hundred and eighty ° C except deteriorating in a well-timed manner.

7. Anti-static

High-Pressure Laminates have anti-static properties, that is, it does now not appeal to dust: Risk particles in the air will now not credit on the surfaces, however, will waft nearly except touching them. A best that is now not negligible, mainly if there are young people or allergic humans in the home.

8. Easy To Clean and Maintain

Thanks to some of the elements of HPL we have listed above, such as stain resistance and antistatic properties, it is, therefore, a very handy fabric to easy and maintain. For day-by-day cleaning, actually use a smooth fabric or a microfiber and a glass cleaner and then dry them properly to keep away from streaking. Only excessively abrasive, alkaline, or very chlorinated cleansing merchandise needs to be avoided.

9. Possibility of Assuming the Desired Aesthetic Appearance

It is necessary to be aware that high-pressure laminate can reproduce the look of any different cloth such as wood, herbal stone, marble, granite, quartz, and ceramics. And it can adopt an opaque, vivid, or satin finish, as nicely as simulating a number of colors with distinct textures and models. You will have countless chances to select from, and enjoyable your tastes except for limitations.

10. Economic Convenience

It can be without problems machined, though the fixings ought to be precise to the material. Its density and hardness can speed up the put-on of saws. So any other function of the laminate floor is financial convenience. A tremendous HPL such as the High-Pressure Laminate Tiles supplied with the aid of Advance Laminate has nothing to envy wooden and has an unbeatable quality/price ratio.

11. Health and Environmental Protection

HPL is additionally legitimate from an environmental factor of view if it is produced by using serious companies, which appreciate the policies on the use of non-harmful products. As we have already said, High-Pressure Laminate is made of a timber fiber core, blanketed with sheets of paper soaked in resins. The resins used are biocompatible, whilst the viable decorations are made with inks and pigments that are no longer unsafe for health.

Last Word

HPL wall cladding, a fantastically long-lasting material, does no longer require tons in phrases of maintenance, as following easy care and upkeep regime is sufficient to make a certain optimal lifespan. If you are planning to renovate the exteriors of your house, restaurant, hotel, or place of work with clean and brand new HPL wall cladding designs, appear no similarly to Advance Laminates. If you have any questions or would like to talk about your requirements, sincerely name +91-9821698171, 0120-2820640, or fill out our contact structure and we will take it from there.

High Pressure Laminate

HPL, also known as high-pressure laminate, is a material with distinct physical attributes that is suitable for clean room walling. At its core, it is still laminated flooring, but the board is soaked in a thermosetting resin, layered in sheets of a certain configuration, and fused under the influence of the correct temperature and pressure. The laminated coating’s front layer produces a specific cladding and decorative paper coated with melamine resin, which helps enable it to deal with high-pressure decorative laminate.

High-pressure laminate (HPL) may offer a house with a well-furnished look and an additional layer of protection by withstanding the weight of heavy objects. HPL laminates are produced and developed particularly for usage on surfaces with high-pressure objects. One may choose from a range of laminates, but HPL is produced and manufactured with superior quality, making it distinctive.

HPL is manufactured from the following components:

  1. Decorative Paper
  2. Kraft Paper,
  3. Overlay paper

     4. Phenolic or Melamine glue

Overlay paper: enhances the abrasion, scratch, and heat resistance of the paper.

Decorative paper: It is coloured or printed paper that is distinguished by its design.

Kraft paper: It is a substance used to regulate the thickness of products.

Many layers of kraft paper are impregnated with phenolic resin to form HPL. On top of the kraft paper, a layer of printed design paper is added prior to pressing. The resulting layer upon layer is welded together by heat and pressure (more than 1,500 PSI). As phenolic and melamine resins are thermoset polymers, the hardening process transforms the resin into plastic by bridging the paper sheets into a single, rigid laminated sheet. Thermo-setting creates strong, irreversible bonds that increase the durability of HPL.

High-Pressure Laminated Sheets have four layers.

Overlay: The exterior is protected by an additional layer of stain resistance and protection provided by a clear melamine coating.

Decorative layer: The second layer is the decoration layer, which is where the genuine look or beauty of the wall dwells. This layer is also known as the finishing layer. It seems to have a single consistent colour, or it could have a variety of patterns, shades, and textures.

The core of fibreboard: This layer offers the most stability and is the most difficult to maintain.

Last layer: The bottom layer is made of melamine-impregnated paper, which not only resists water but also contributes to the overall structural integrity of the product.

The lifespan of an HPL sheet on an average

It’s not uncommon for high-grade HPL laminate to have a lifespan of more than 10 years. Because of its resistance to abrasion and flame, HPL sheets have an exceptionally long lifespan. On the other hand, how long an HPL sheet will really last is greatly dependent on the application it will be used for. In general, HPL sheets are renowned for their durability, which explains their expanding usage in large-scale commercial projects where value and lifetime warranties are necessary prerequisites. This is because HPL sheets can last for a long time without deteriorating.

Characteristics of High-Pressure Laminate

  1. Exclusive resilience to tactile stimulation

The impact and abrasion resistance of this material are remarkable. Theoretically, the melamine resin that coats the whole front side of the laminate is one of the toughest man-made substances ever manufactured. To seriously damage the face layer of HPL, you need a pointed tool and a lot of force.

  • Design alternatives are available.

As a result of the laminate decorative paper’s front layer, engineering businesses working on interior design have access to a vast assortment of colours, patterns, and textures that may be applied to HPL. This element is essential for interior design teams to create the most pleasant environments.

  • Diverse Grades Are Available: There are several grades made specifically to meet the demands of customers.
  • Sheets of Standard High-Pressure Laminate
  • HPL sheets that are resistant to fire
  • HPL sheets that are compact
  • HPL sheets that have been post-formed
  • Health Advantages –

Since HPL sheets are used almost everywhere, one should be worried about their health benefits. HPL sheets are completely risk-free since they do not contain any toxic compounds, but they are hygienic and safe for your child and the family.

  • Easy to maintain –

HPL sheets require little cleaning; therefore, they are easy to maintain. A damp cloth or other appropriate material should be used for cleaning once each and every week. However, if they are lightly scraped on the surface, they may cause surface damage; hence, gentle cleaning is suggested.

  • Adaptability in the process of application

In terms of accessibility, HPL is one of the best alternatives out there. Vertical and horizontal installation of HPL is possible in a wide range of settings. It may be employed in a variety of settings, including domestic and industrial sectors, with a wide variety of relevant specifications. Walls, cabinets, dividers, shelving units, lobbies, and cubicles may all benefit from the use of high-performance laminate (HPL).

What are the benefits of HPL sheets, overall?

  • Flexible, efficient and scratch-free
  • The Convenience of Management
  • Resistance to Surface Deterioration
  • The ability to withstand dry heat.
  • A magnificent aesthetic that is both strong and durable.
  • Artificial Light’s Resilience to Color Change
  • Resistance to Smoking Combustion

A new trend in HPL

Double Belt Press (DBP) for Continuous Pressed Laminate production is a relatively new development in HPL technology (CPL). CPL is a resin-impregnated ornamental paper fused with a resin-impregnated substrate under high pressure and heat (s). This laminate has the same properties as standard HPL, and its typical thickness ranges from 0.4 mm to 1 mm. Depending on your demands, CPL is available in sheet lengths or continuous rolls.

Flexible CPL is coloured paper saturated with flexible thermosetting resins and adhered to a resin-impregnated backing under high pressure and heat (s). This engineered CPL has a unique selection of decorative laminates that can be bent and wrapped around profiles or edges. The surface properties are equivalent to those of vertical grade HPL, and these laminates are often used to complement HPL and TFL.

 As one of India’s leading manufacturers of high-pressure laminates (HPL), Advance Laminate has created a line of laminates that are ideal for a wide range of surfaces in both business and residential scenarios. We make sure that our product is consistent and strong by using high-quality Kraft paper, decorative papers, and polymers.

India’s leading HPL manufacturer: Advance Laminates

Advance Laminate is a renowned manufacturer of high-pressure laminate (HPL) in India, acclaimed for its long-lasting style, trendy designs, and impressive performance. There are several uses for our paper-based composite material. If someone is looking for a product that could be used in both domestic and public settings, this is it. In terms of installation and maintenance, Advance Laminate High-Pressure Laminate panels are simple and multifunctional. 

 Advance Laminates may complement your creative idea effectively since the decorative layer is a printed sheet. You may choose from a range of finishes, including mirror sheen or glossy, matte, scratch and scuff resistant laminates, antibacterial protection, and more, to create a unique look. A variety of grades of HPL Laminate are available, including antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral laminates for a broad range of applications, laboratory-grade laminates, and even abrasion-resistant laminates.

Laminate Sheets Designs

Doors are the prelude to any room’s interior design, creating the first impression of your home for guests. Engineered wood door panels can be painted, veneered, or laminated. Advance laminate is the primary surface material for residential and commercial projects. They’re a sturdy, scratch-resistant, and water-resistant material that scores high on aesthetics. When looking for car door laminates in India, Advance Laminate offers endless possibilities. The quality of laminate sheet design, we produce meet various international standards in terms of parameters such as quality and durability.

Let’s look at three reasons why laminates work well on door panels


Laminates are engineered materials made from high-quality paper, melamine, resins, and industrial adhesives. It can produce laminates in a variety of designs, prints, and colors. It is easy to find laminate flooring in India that suits your interior theme. Advance Laminate offers high-quality finishes, digital prints, and abstract designs that are popular in modern living spaces.

2. Anti-fouling and anti-scratch

Doors have to withstand a lot of wear and tear over the years. With pets and children in the home, stains and scratches are a common problem with the aesthetics of doors. Laminate is a stain and scratch-resistant laminate that will keep your home safe from damage. Door laminates supplied by Advance Laminate meet international quality standards. We offer tough, feature-rich laminates that not only resist bumps, scratches, surface abrasion, and stains but are also easy to clean.


Any water intrusion or leakage can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of doors and jambs, leading to warping and termite problems. Not only is laminate waterproof and non-porous, but it is also resistant to steam and moisture. Even extreme seasonal fluctuations in temperature and humidity will not damage high-quality door laminate.


Exterior compact panels are a popular aesthetic and functional surface material for building envelopes. They are able to increase the aesthetic appeal of the exterior of a building while providing protection from the elements. In addition, laminated siding represents one of the most economical ways to change the aesthetics and performance of a building. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of installing exterior siding. High-pressure laminate can decorate any room with its based and appealing appearance. They can add attraction to any area, massive or small, emphasizing a dependent look.


Exterior compact panels protect the facade of the building in a number of ways. They protect against termites, moisture, UV rays, and abrasion. The panels are also designed to withstand different weather conditions without losing their appeal or integrity. Additionally, exterior siding can resist prolonged exposure to sunlight.

2. Unparalleled isolation

Compact laminate for outdoor use provides a high degree of insulation for your property. This insulation can help you reduce cooling and heating bills by helping to regulate indoor temperatures. Compact exterior siding traps heat in the winter and rejects it in the summer, helping you save money on your electricity bills and make your interior spaces comfortable. They are also weather-resistant, which makes them better able to withstand sudden temperature changes.


Exterior wall panels are scratch, heat, corrosion, and water-resistant, and nicely endowed with anti-graffiti properties, which makes them remarkably handy to maintain. They require no polish or contact up to hold their attraction for prolonged periods. Simple cleansing with the useful resource of water can eliminate all the stains and dust that accumulates on laminate wall panels, permitting you to retail on preservation costs.


Exterior wall panels are talented with an upscale aesthetic enchantment that straight away helps radically change a building. With more than one texture and shade from which to pick in accordance with your desire and style, it is noticeably handy to convey your dream facade to life. You can additionally get designs that replicate herbal substances like stone and wood.


When designing domestic décor, it can be difficult to pick a fashion and convey it to life. There are so many patterns and decor factors from which to choose, that it can be hard to slim your choices. If you love distinctive patterns and don’t favor settling for simply one, you can combo your favorites to create an eclectic décor. You can effectively go for a purposeful combination of colors, textures, and shapes. When it comes to eclectic décor, Advance laminates provide you with a significant variety of format picks that permit you to without difficulty mix more than one design without making the decor seem messy. In this weblog post, we current some beneficial guidelines on how you can use laminate sheets designs to create an eclectic décor for your place.


One exceptional factor of domestic decor is an assertion wall. You can use laminate designs to create an assertion wall around a theme you like.  For example, you can pick out to work around an artwork theme or you can use the wall to show your household memorabilia. This will assist you to create a cohesive sketch a result.


Home decor offers you the freedom to use color mixtures that you would in any other case now not use normally. Choose an impartial coloration for your partitions and comprise vivid colors with accessories, furniture, and fabrics. Do now not attempt to deliver too many colorations into the scene as it can grow to be overwhelming. Advance Laminates provide an extensive variety of impartial and vivid colorations that you can use for partitions as properly as furnishings to carry out incredible aesthetics.


Using distinctive textures and patterns can be extremely good when searching to create contrast. The distinction can be applied throughout specific decor factors or inside the identical surface. For example, you can use a steel end collectively with a rustic wood grain design. Another choice is to use geometric patterns to add vibrancy to the spaces.


It is vital to apprehend that eclectic does no longer imply including a range of the whole thing in one place. When you are working with so many patterns, colors, and textures, it can be overwhelming. Before you begin working on eclectic décor, you want to have a well-planned plan so that you don’t stop making a mess. You want to make certain that all the rooms complement every different perfectly. Decide on the particular region for every pattern, color, and texture that you are planning to use earlier than you begin searching for the fantastic laminate sheet designs.

ABOUT Advance Laminate

Advance laminate is a title synonymous with modern-day dressmaker surfacing options in India. Offering a specific resolution of designs attuned to contemporary fashion sensibilities and in line with the rising world trends, Advance laminate is a hallmark of versatility that provides the ideal surfacing solutions. Advance laminate, an embodiment of daring designs and brilliant functionality, is the best go-to cladding solution. The huge variety comes with a 10-year assurance to intensify the aesthetics of construction for the longest of times. To research greater about on-hand exterior cladding designs, name us at +91-9821698171, or electronic mail [email protected] You can additionally fill out our contact form.

wooden laminate

Wooden laminate is a very thin layer of material that is applied to the surface of the core of a wood product in order to give it a different appearance. Laminates may be made from any material. However, veneers, which are very thin sheets of wood, are the most frequently used material to make laminates. Lamination involves gluing and heating two surfaces to generate a more durable substance.

A tale to be told….

Lamination of wood is a very old and maybe the oldest technique. The pharaohs’ graves included wood that had been laminated using an old technique. A thousand years ago, it is known that the Chinese shaved wood and glued it together. Evidently, the process has emerged as a more complex technology in a world where the number of laminating applications has increased.

The finishing of furniture produced throughout the 17th and 18th centuries improved. The English and French used an early kind of laminates built from layers of hardwood, while Russia had a similar technique. Domestic items, such as cabinets, desktops, chests, and doors, were manufactured using laminate on a large scale. This was the early modern period; construction-grade laminates like plywood did not arrive until the twentieth century, several years later.

Products Made from Wooden Laminate

Laminated wood products offer a wide range of applications.

  • Cross-laminated timber (CLT) may indeed be applied in a building for both interior and exterior walls, as well as for floor segregation.
  • In construction, Glue Laminated Timber (GLT) may be utilized as shafts or columns.
  • Solid wood boards are used in the furniture business for worktops, countertops, cabinets, and other goods.
  • Multi-layered boards may be utilized for internal wall cladding, providing a natural appearance in the interior design.
  • Other applications for laminated wood products encompass window and door frameworks.

Types of cores in wood laminates:

  1. Lumber Core

Lumber core plywood is most commonly used in the fabrication of imported panels, which are normally just 18 mm thick. Lumber Core plywood has front and back veneers, a cross band veneer, and rim-glued lumber in the midst. Lumber core plywood should be used because of its bending strength and efficiency to retain screws. Lumber Core plywood’s robustness makes it an ideal choice for building long or broad shelves, closet doors, or trendy wardrobe laminate.

  1. Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

The Medium Density Fiberboard Core is the panel core with the most consistent thickness and uniformity. Front and back veneers are adhered precisely to the MDF core, eliminating the necessity for cross-band veneer. MDF Core panels are the best choice for 32mm installations because they are all of the same thickness and size.

  1. Particleboard Core

Compared to MDF core panels, particleboard core panels are built with front and back veneers that are covalently bound to the core. The screw-hold strength is not present in the particleboard core, which rests flat like MDF. The least expensive form of the core is the particleboard core.

  1. Veneer Core

Veneer Core plywood consists of a central veneer and cross-band veneers layered sequentially on both sides of the center to provide an unusual number of veneers for the core. Veneer Core plywood has exceptional weight-bearing resistance, bending strength, and screw-holding efficiency. Veneer core panels are perhaps the lightest of all core variants.

Advantages of Laminated Products

There are various compelling reasons to choose a laminated wood product. The majority of them are associated with the qualities of the wood. Wood is a natural substance with various beneficial properties.

  • It stores carbon dioxide in the raw material and is therefore regarded as a more sustainable option when compared to other architectural materials such as concrete and steel.
  • Wooden laminate is a good material because it is strong for its weight, especially when compared to steel and concrete, which are much heavier.
  • Wood is typically inefficient at transferring heat; it has a naturally excellent insulating property, particularly when compared to steel.
  • Fire protection with laminated wood is usually very excellent, and laminated wood is one of the finest and safest construction materials. When laminated wood is exposed to fire, it chars rather than burns. If glued laminated timber is exposed to fire, the fire will not spread. Only in the presence of fire can the laminated wood product burn. Buildings constructed with laminated wood products or mass timber parts meet fire resistance guidelines.

Why is wooden laminate stronger than normal wood?

Solid wood, or hardwood, is exactly what it looks like: wood that has been hacked and molded from a tree and has rings, fissures, and inconsistencies. A sturdy piece of wood may run or go against the groove, implying that the grain is a weak point where the wood may shatter or splinter. Laminated wood is made of several layers of wood with grain that runs in the same direction that has been glued together.

The quality enhancement below makes wooden laminate stronger than solid wood:

  • Layers upon layers of wood contribute to grain disruption.
  • The sections are enhanced by the adhesives used to adhere them securely.
  • Flexibility reduces the stress on the laminated wood.
  • For further sturdiness, a varnish or film is put on the top and bottom of some laminated woods.
  • Laminated wood is a durable and simple-to-clean material.
  • One may choose numerous colors and designs according to their preferences and demands.
  • One may cut it into the required shapes at one’s leisure, depending on the optimal fit and arrangement.
  • The bacteria from food spills and other sources are repelled by laminated wood!

Because the grain of the wood layers in plywood is interleaved, it is more robust than laminated wood but much less flexible.

High Pressure Laminate

Due to its high strength and resistance to a variety of elements, HPL is fast becoming a household name in the interior design industry. High-Pressure Laminate or HPL is the most prominent surface solution for residential interiors and is better recommended than their alternatives.

It is made from the highest quality craft paper, decorative paper, and resin. Afterward, these layers are pressed by high pressure and high temperature to produce a high-pressure laminate film. HPL not only imparts an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the application but also protects furniture or decorative surfaces from abrasion.

HPL laminate is commonly used in vertical and horizontal applications in homes, but what makes them unique and different from other upholstery materials used in homes?

Benefits of using high-pressure laminates in the Home Environment

Stress-Free Maintenance:

HPL laminates are very easy to care for, whether the stain is light or stubborn. Use a soft or slightly damp microfiber cloth for regular cleaning, combined with a glass cleaner for occasional cleaning. Avoid using highly chlorinated, chemical, and abrasive cleaners on high-pressure laminates.

Thermal Conductivity:

Other surface materials such as granite, tile, or marble are often criticized for being cold and hard in winter and overheating in summer, but with HPL this is not an issue. Therefore, high-pressure laminates are not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter. This material is ideal for countertops because, unlike natural materials, it will not crack or warp at normal high temperatures.

Highly Durable:

High-pressure laminates are abrasion, impact, scratch, and chemical resistant. HPL’s protective coating makes it a scratch and impact-resistant material that retains its brightness and gloss much longer than other materials.

Due to their UV resistance, HPL laminates maintain a stable and uniform color over time; their color rarely fades.

Sleek and Elegant Design:

Today, modern finishing solutions like high-pressure laminates provide a pleasing and attractive appearance without spending a fortune. High-pressure laminates can also mimic the appearance of other materials such as mica, ceramic, granite, natural stone, wood, marble, fabric, and more. It can even be opaque, satin, or glossy, as well as come in different colors, textures, and patterns. Due to its versatile, stylish, and eye-catching designs, HPL laminates are perfect for your desired interior theme or style.

Waterproof and Antibacterial: High-pressure laminates also have the added benefit of being a sealing product. It then prevents water or other liquids from penetrating below the surface.


Incorporating high-pressure laminates into your decor can provide a functional and decorative look. The HPL can be installed vertically or horizontally in various positions. It can be used in a variety of environments, sizes, and structures, including commercial and residential buildings with a variety of customer requirements.

Residential Applications to Integrate with HPL Laminates

Kitchen Laminate

• Home Furniture

HPL Exterior Cladding

• Countertops

• Wall Claddings

• Shelves

• Partitions

Horizontal and vertical surfaces in the living room, family rooms, and dining rooms


High-pressure laminate can enhance any room with its elegant and attractive appearance. They can add appeal to any area, big or small, emphasizing an elegant look. Due to its versatility, it is often used in residential and commercial properties. Compared to other materials such as wood and marble, HPL panels are somewhat flexible, making them an excellent choice for creating new designs. The special qualities of the above-mentioned high-pressure laminates make it an unparalleled material.

If you are looking for high-pressure laminate for your residential property then we are here for you. Advance Laminate is India’s leading HPL manufacturer, bringing you superior and sophisticated HPL finishing solutions. We offer a wide range of high-pressure laminates, textures, or patterns, at affordable prices. Check out our laminate catalog for more options or contact us today!

Laminate Sheet Design

Laminates are decorative surface materials that are put on a substrate such as plywood, MDF, or particle board to produce a stylish interior or furniture finish. In terms of low maintenance and ease of installation, laminates are ideal for usage. Laminate sheet designs may be installed vertically or horizontally, depending on the needs of the customer. Laminates may be used in a variety of settings, including private residences, commercial establishments, and public spaces. In addition to being aesthetically appealing, these pieces are quite durable. A wide range of ornamental and designer laminates are available from Advance Laminates, the industry leader in this field. You may choose from a selection of laminates to meet the specific requirements. Advance Laminates offers a wide range of laminates for a variety of uses, including your closet, doors, kitchen, living room, workplace, and more. Many alternatives are now available, from classic to metallic to textured, and they all come in a variety of colors. In addition to their outstanding quality, our laminates give the surface a rich and sophisticated appearance.

Laminate Sheet Designs Based on Surface Finish

  1. Digital Laminates Design

There is a new laminate option that is extremely adaptable and aesthetically attractive — digital laminate sheets. This laminate sheet design is strong, long-lasting, and easy to care for. Advance Laminates’ digital laminates, called reflection laminates, are pre-designed and modifiable.

  • Customized, digital laminates by Advance Laminates

In the same way that digital laminates allow you to show a picture of your choice with a sleek finish, they can also be totally customized. A high-resolution photograph is all that is required for laminating. A wide variety of pre-designed laminates in a wide variety of themes are available if you don’t want to add a particular picture but still want to experience the visual appeal of digital laminates.

  • Fiber metal laminate (FML)

It is a metallic material that consists of several thin metal layers linked together with composite material layers. This enables the material to perform similarly to a basic metal framework while offering significant benefits in terms of metal fatigue, impact, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, weight reduction, and specialized strength qualities. According to Advance Laminates, use it on vertical interior surfaces only. When placed on any horizontal surface, they should be shielded by the glass or an equivalent substance. It prevents dust from adhering to the surface, maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

These laminates provide appealing finishes for modular kitchens, closets, and furniture. Adaptable and resilient, they’re popular in home décor. PVC laminates are compressed sheets of polyvinyl chloride, paper, and plastic resin. They decorate unpolished materials like plywood. PVC laminate sheets are 0.05-2 mm thick. They bend up to 90 degrees, making them excellent for complicated ridged designs.

  • The price of PVC laminates designed

When comes to the price per square foot of a 1mm sheet with a simple pattern or design, it might range from $40 to $100 per square foot. The average cost per square foot for cupboards and closets in the home is roughly $70. High-end laminates may cost up to $120 per square foot depending on the manufacturer, guarantee, and quality.

  • Textured Laminate

It adds sophistication to walls, furniture, and other decors. Textured Advance Laminates’ laminates are sophisticated and complement many home design trends. Due to its attractive design, the product is ideal for household and business use. Our textured laminates come in a variety of designs and colors to complement rustic and vintage spaces. Some laminates imitate wood, stone, leather, linen, and other materials. From glossy to chalk, it can meet any customer’s needs. Because of its continuous texture, it can be customized in an infinite number of ways for stylish home decor.

  • Leather Laminate Design

Leather laminate sheet designs are consists of tiny layers of leather glued with laminate craft paper to make a durable sheet that can be applied to cabinets and other furniture. In corporate offices, retail shops and malls, hospitality and educational facilities, the decorative leather laminate sheets may be utilized for a range of partitions, shutters, doors, furniture surfacing and resurfacing, and other woodwork.

For the standard quality, Advance Laminate follows IS 1998: 1962, the standard procedure of quality assurance;

Type S has surfaces that don’t wear or scratch easily, can take a hit, don’t react to boiling water or a number of common household chemicals, and can handle both dry and humid heat (standard grade). When decorative laminate is glued to a substrate like MDF or chipboard, the back side should not have any flaws.

Type P: This grade is present in approximately equal to S in quality, but it can be reshaped at a temperature that the manufacturer chooses.

Type F (fire-retardant grade): This grade is the same as type P, but it is less likely to catch on fire but had certain limitations in terms of quality.

High Pressure Laminate

When it comes to decorating kitchen surfaces, you will naturally gravitate towards aesthetically pleasing designs. But what if there was a material that would not only visually enhance the look of a kitchen, but also increase durability and enforce hygiene standards in the area? High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) is a godsend solution for all your kitchen surface needs! The reasons are as follows:

1. Hygiene is always a priority

If you love to cook or care about kitchen hygiene, High-Pressure Laminate will be your best friend in the kitchen! You never have to worry about contaminating the food you cook or eat because Advance Laminates takes care of kitchen hygiene for you! They act as a barrier to germs, viruses, and bacteria while protecting your kitchen cabinets, countertops, and other surfaces from scratches, stains, unpleasant odors, and abrasion. They are super easy to care for and a cleaning dream!

TIP: HPL laminates are very easy to maintain and require very little effort. Simply clean the laminate surface with a diluted or mild detergent and a microfiber cloth to keep it looking beautiful.

2. Choice is rich

When clients want their interior design to reflect their uniqueness, HPL is the first choice for most professionals. It comes in tons of colors, patterns, and designs for the best selection! Our Advance laminates come in an impressive range – high gloss solid colors, wood grains, European matt finishes, marble designs, combinations, and more. The flexibility of gloss and matt steps offers the possibility to make the kitchen area appear larger on glossy surfaces or calmer on matt surfaces.

TIP: Lucida high gloss laminate is perfect for bold kitchen spaces, while Silk Tuff’s internationally popular matte finish is perfect for sophisticated kitchen designs.

3. Not threatened by fingerprints

Advance Laminates offers you a full line of anti-fingerprint laminates with anti-virus protection and excellent color fastness. These laminates prove that Advance Laminates use only the best and latest technology.

There is nothing more disgusting than the impression of dirty fingers on a kitchen surface. This creates a constant need for cleaning and can become cumbersome and costly to invest in kitchen decor. Our anti-fingerprint laminates leave no marks in your kitchen, giving you, the homeowner, peace of mind and safety.

4. Low price, high performance

Advance laminates are designed with high-quality exotic and imported kraft and decorative papers. This ensures that each laminate meets the highest quality standards. They are a very economical solution for your kitchen surfaces. They are resistant to scratches, stains, odors, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. They last longer than many other alternative surface solutions and can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Advance Laminates are the most popular finishing solutions in India, offering something for every style of home and interior design. For More Information, you can visit our website https://wordpress-823789-2831950.cloudwaysapps.com/

Wardrobe Laminates

In recent years, laminate has become one of the most popular surfaces for furniture and other decorative elements. They are known for their unmatched durability, superior aesthetics, and availability in a variety of colors, textures, designs, and finishes to meet the finish needs of a variety of applications and styles. You can get everything from tables and doors to cabinets and cabinet laminate. Advance decorative wardrobe laminates design offers options that are popular in terms of the latest decorating trends. In this blog post, we look at four trending laminate wardrobe designs to consider in 2022. Continue reading!

  1. Wardrobe Decorative Laminate

Decorative laminates for wardrobes are perfect for places where you don’t want to introduce bright colors. You can choose black and white laminate for your wardrobe to add a modern touch to the room. A unique blend of white and black for a creative visual that makes the room look more stylish, elegant, and stylish.

2. Eye-catching laminate design

Eye-catching laminate closet designs are for those who want to keep their interiors simple yet sophisticated. If your master bedroom or guest room has a closet, you can add a bold look to the room decor by using light grey laminate with black trim in the center of the closet front. The enhanced glamour of grey brings brightness to the interior design of a room, exuding unparalleled elegance and luxury.

3. Laminates inspired by nature

If you want to introduce a natural feel, you can always choose a nature-inspired wooden laminate for your wardrobe. For wardrobes with sliding doors, you can install laminates inspired by nature to add visual impact and liven up the space. Cabinet laminate designs are best for kid’s rooms and bathrooms.

4. Two-tone laminate

If you want to add a touch of royalty to your bedroom, you can try cabinet laminates with abstract designs that will open up your world of design possibilities. The design looks simple and elegant, elegant and simple. You can easily achieve maximum impact with a simple and minimalist design. There are several color combinations in the premium catalog of decorative wardrobe laminate designs that reflect this trend.

Wrap up

Laminate offers unmatched aesthetics and is easy to clean and maintain. You don’t need to polish and paint them regularly to keep them shiny and beautiful. In addition, they are scratch and water-resistant and also suitable for areas prone to moisture. If you’re planning to buy cabinet laminate, look no further than Advance Decorative Laminates for a wide variety of color, design, and texture options. For more information on available cabinet laminate designs please contact our team at +91 9821698171. You can also email [email protected] or fill out our contact form.