Advance Laminate: Company Profile and Product Range

Incepted in the year 2016, Advance Laminate is a leading manufacturing company of PVC laminate and Decorative Laminate. Splendid in 1,50,000 sq ft robust manufacturing units endowed with latest technologies, they manufacture laminates that are not just economical, but also an unparalleled design element that can add character to any décor. Advance Laminate comes under the Umbrella of Amba Industries, and has set a quality benchmark in the interior…


Why Advance Laminates, is the Choice of Bollywood ??

Customers are the resource and assets of the organization upon which the organizational success depends. Without customers, organizations would not exist. Celebrity branding or celebrity endorsement of a company’s product is effective largely because celebrities have the potential to reach a large number of prospective consumers. Reach can be loosely defined as the number of people that have seen and/or heard the brand’s intended message at least once. A…


5 Special Laminates for your Kitchen, Horizontal or Vertical- Which Laminate to Use and Why

When it comes to renovating furniture, walls, flooring, kitchen space, etc.one name comes in everyone’s mind and that is Laminates. Kitchen being the prime and most important part of your home, it becomes very important that one should have a thorough knowledge regarding the types of laminates that are the best for the kitchen. Here we are listing top 5 laminates which are the best ones to choose from…


High Gloss Laminates- Where to Use and Where Not To

The world is becoming more stylish, trendy and colorful, you would also want to make your space walking at the same pace. Interior decoration is the most crucial step in the process of beautification of your home. Laminates play a big role when it comes to beautiful Interior and Exterior designing. Talking about the Laminate – one question comes to mind and that is What to opt for –…

Advantages of using Advance Synchronized Laminates

Advantages of using Advance Synchronized Laminates and where to use

Synchronized laminates are a new version in decorative laminates that looks like real wood, the technology that is used renders an unmatchable natural look. These laminates are specially crafted with embossed surfaces that mimic the actual wood grain design in a highly realistic manner. The best part of synchronized laminates is, you can actually feel the exact texture of the natural wood grain. With Advanced laminates, create an additional…

awesome wall display ideas using ADVANCE Digital Laminates

Try the awesome wall display ideas using ADVANCE Digital Laminates

Advance Digital Laminates are a new class of laminate sheet surface decorations that offers professionals like architects and designers an easy and reliable mode of creative expression. These are customized printed laminates that can give the décor a whole new look. Digital laminates are actually created using multiple layers of Kraft paper compressed together with the help of high strength resins. Enjoy a great new look with a high…

Top Laminates Manufacturing Company

Quality Laminates From The Top Laminates Manufacturing Company Hapur

Laminates Laminates are a finishing material that is used over wood. This can be used for wooden furniture, particle wood, MDF, wall paneling or any other form. The laminate is a covering that not only protects the wood but gives it a finish and a good appearance. Laminates can be obtained from any of the top Laminates suppliers in India. They are nothing but an artificial material that is…

Sunmica Laminates

Sunmica Laminates- Partners in Interior Design

All of us go through the job of ours to get the specific things perks we desire for us and home is one of them. It is evident that your place should look and feel great to you and to others. Interior design plays an important role in the makeover of the house and Sunmica laminates are predominant in interior design nowadays.

Precautions to Prevent Cracking in Laminates

Precautions to Prevent Cracking in Laminates

Welcome to this video by Advance Decorative Laminate! Advance Decorative Laminate manufactures the most innovative and unique decorative laminates, and provides outstanding customer services. Laminates are used brilliantly in modern construction to enhance the beauty of the space. Extremely attractive and available in different varieties, laminate is the top choice of one and all. Sometimes, cracks can ruin the appearance of laminates when they are not glued skillfully with…


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