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Common FAQs About Plywood You Must Know

When it comes to Plywood, Advance Plywood is one of India’s leading player in manufacturing plywood products. With the advanced state of art unit and innovative designs, the decorative products are extensively used for both commercial and residential purpose. Advance offers an affordable yet durable range of the product that has unmatched strength and oodles of style to complement modern, urban living.

Check out the general FAQs about Plywood you must know:

Why Advance Plywood is a better product?

The R&D team at Advance ensures the best quality of raw materials at every stage to verify that the best product is going to the market.

What type Plywood to be used for internal furnishing?

For moisture-prone areas, BWR or BWP grade is the best option. For dry areas, MR grade can be used.

How Plywood is eco-friendly?

Plywood products are made out of timber. Due to their bio-degradable property, it is safe for the environment.

What is the common quality complaint of plywood?

Warping, delamination, termites

What are the IS specifications referred in plywood?

  • IS 303 and IS 710 for normal plywood.
  • Special plywood has other specification.

Is Plywood better than MDF and Particle Board?

Plywood has layers of wood pressed together. In the other hand, MDF and Particle wood are made of wood pulp and powder.

Does the greater weight of plywood make it of better quality?

Weight isn’t a factor of plywood quality. It depends upon the raw materials and manufacturing process.

Which is a better panel? Blockboard or Plywood?

Plywood is stronger than Blockboard. It is suitable for furniture whereas Blockboard is preferred for vertical applications.

How to avoid warping in Plywood?

You can store the ply in clean and dry conditions before construction. The balanced application must be ensured during usage.

Where can I see the catalogue?

The e-catalogue is available on our website:

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