Instructions to Choose Right laminate for your home and offices?

Laminates are high quality sheet of veneers that are pasted together using resin and paper sheet that can be used as flooring material, on cabinets and even for office spaces. Laminates gives an amazing look to the whole interior space thus making the space look lavish. Advance laminates’ range of laminates are available in different colours, patterns and textures that go well with any kind of interior, be it…


Major Types and Characteristics of Advance Plywood at a Glance

Advance Lam is very aesthetic when it comes to providing its customers with high quality products. With a range of plywood that Advance Lam manufactures, here’s to mentioning them along with the unique properties each kind of plywood by Advance Lam brings with itself. Note that Advance Lam offer two types of plywood, 18 MM plywood and 12 MM plywood.   Water proof plywood The waterproof plywood by Advance Lam…


Why Should You Choose Advance Lam for Kitchen Laminate?

Laminates in kitchen are highly used for cabinets. These enhances the look of the kitchen and make the space look bigger than it actually is. The trick is to choose the right kind of laminate for a kitchen space. Advance lam’s range of laminates for kitchen is that one stop for you from where you can choose high quality and durable laminates at reasonable prices and make your kitchen…


Get The Furniture of Your Choice of Modern Style With Advance Plywood

Advance Lam provides to its customers with a range of products including plywood, PVC laminates and decorative laminates for the purpose of using them in both commercial and residential spaces. Advance Lam’s plywood is one strong material which can hold on for ages without any wear and tear. Advance lam has categories of plywood like film faced plywood, block board, flush door and advance plywood for different purposes.  To…


5 Things to Consider When Buying Film Faced Plywood

Plywood is a versatile material and it is used quite a lot in the modern day industry. From construction industry to packing and furniture industry, everyone is using plywood these days. There’s a variety of plywood that are available in the market today, one of which is film faced plywood which is getting popular day-by-day for household and industrial purposes. These are generally used for outdoors but before buying,…


Difference between Laminates and Veneers

Laminate is made of multi-layered artificial floor board using high-density fibre, melamine resin or wood particles whereas veneer are slits of natural wood debarked from wood logs that give an actual finish of natural wood.  Laminates have a layer of appliqué on top which is protected with a defensive layer. Whereas veneers is applied on plywood board that looks like real wood. Laminates are cheaper than veneers while also…


The Surprising Variety of Flush Doors

There are plenty of doors that are available in the world of interior design. You can choose from various options like panel doors, PVC, flush, glass doors etc where you have to keep in mind the durability, design, customization available for each door specifically. Out of the various choices available, one such door type is flush door that look amazing once installed.  Let is tell you why there is…


Pros and Cons of Plywood for Furniture Making

People have been using plywood for many years now. There is no doubt in saying that most of our furniture is made using plywood or engineered wood. Not many of us can afford quality wood like genuine teak or mahogany for our home furniture and are left with choosing advance plywood as the only alternative that weights out many of its disadvantages. Let us tell you why plywood is…


Particle Board VS PVC Laminate for Kitchen Cabinets

When undergoing kitchen renovation, we often get confused on what to choose? Is it particle board? Is it PVC Laminate? Uff, confuses a lot, right? With the right product comes the right choice. We also want products that are cheap yet durable and attractive but often get confused on how to find them! Advance laminates is the right place for you if you are looking to renovate your kitchen…


Tips to Purchase best quality Laminate for furniture

When planning to renovate your interiors, one always comes across laminates in one form or the other. These are available in a range of patterns for decorative furniture and panels for exteriors.  These are most commonly with as layers of MDF, plywood, wooden furniture, wall panels, flooring and particle board. They are made by pressing thin layers of flat paper and plastic resins together to form a strong, durable…


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