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Beautifying Exterior with Advance Laminates’ HPL Exterior Cladding

HPL cladding, or high-pressure laminate cladding, is a common approach to wrapping the outside and inside of commercial spaces. HPL Exterior Cladding is well-known for its distinct, elegant, and sophisticated appearance. It is available in a variety of patterns, colors, and layouts, making it an excellent surface material for workspaces. HPL cladding is created by pressing and heating numerous layers of thermosetting resin-soaked Kraft paper. This strengthens the link between the layers.

Advance Laminates HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) panels feature a decorative outer surface. External facades benefit from exceptionally good weather protection provided by high-quality polymers. HPL is manufactured in high-pressure and high-temperature lamination presses. They are colorfast and weatherproof, with additional protection against severe weather.


Things to be considered before wall cladding:

External Element: Before installing HPL wall cladding, thoroughly inspect the installation area for weather, scratches, and dust accumulation. While HPL cladding is water-resistant, it is best to keep it dry to prolong its life and beauty.

Coating: It avoids moisture damage to HPL cladding. Without appropriate sealing, moisture can accumulate and harm the wall cladding.

Properties of wall cladding: There are several alternatives for both interior and exterior wall cladding. Advance Laminates’ HPL wall cladding resists mold, moisture, and fading. Certain other premium wall claddings are also resistant to fire.

Environmental temperature: HPL cladding does not expand or contract in response to temperature changes. In some cases, growth or shrinkage is possible. The local temperature range should be examined as it may impact HPL cladding settling. After installation, the wall cladding material can acclimatize and expand or contract less.

Benefits of High-Pressure Laminate

• Structurally strong

• A wide temperature range enables it to withstand scratches, impacts, and withers.

• It is not brittle, making it easy to machine and clean.

• It is resistant to dampness and termites.

• All-weather resistant and eco-beneficial

HPL laminate is designed to meet wall cladding and finishing requirements for commercial and residential properties. Laminates are available in a variety of shades, textures, and designs. If you are looking for high-quality compact laminate cladding that can transform the interior or exterior of any commercial building, look no further than Advance Decorative Laminates, the market-leading supplier of laminate siding. They offer durable, hygienic, and contemporary wall coverings.