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Advantages Of Using Advance Synchronized Laminates And Where To Use

Synchronized laminates are a new version in decorative laminates that looks like real wood, the technology that is used renders an unmatchable natural look. These laminates are specially crafted with embossed surfaces that mimic the actual wood grain design in a highly realistic manner. The best part of synchronized laminates is, you can actually feel the exact texture of the natural wood grain. With Advanced laminates, create an additional unique character to each and every design in your living space. The best part of using synchronized laminates are, it will not be damaged easily, damage-resistant, and easy to maintain.

For a unique flooring, check out the advantages of using synchronized laminates:

    • It is a perfect replacement for Natural Veneer as it gives the same look and feels like a natural veneer.
    • The use of synchronized laminates saves the environment as it looks as real as a natural veneer.
    • The maintenance cost of synchronized laminates is much low as compared to natural veneer.
  • The life of synchronized laminates is much longer than conventional laminates.
  • It gives the real feeling of natural wood.
  • It is highly resistant to burns and strains.
  • Premium texture with the pattern of each individual laminate with high perfection.

Advanced laminates are high quality, unique and come in a wide array of designs from which you can choose any to give interiors a great feel and look. Each laminate surface texture is in synchronization with the décor paper pattern. Hence, it gives a design you feel and experience.

Where to use Synchronized Laminates?

Synchronized laminates provide a better surface finish for furniture elements, table-tops, cupboards, surfaces of chairs. Apart from home use or at residential buildings, synchronized laminates can be used at commercial places, corporate offices, commercial complexes, restaurants, hotels, etc., for decorative purposes.

This is how Synchronized Laminates are created

As we can say, Synchronized laminates are a perfect replica of nature and it matches the texture of the décor paper underlying pattern. The premium press plates are able to match the textures with the patterns of each individual laminates with great and perfect precision. It is easy to clean, scratch and stain-resistant. It comes in many colours, textures, and patterns.

From where to buy Synchronized Laminates?

If you are considering to decorate your home from an emotional/psychological point of view with synchronized laminates, give us a call at 18001034740 | +91 9821 698 171 or drop an email at: [email protected]. Alternatively, check out our range of synchronized laminates.

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