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Advantages Of Laminates Over Veneers

While planning for decorating your home interiors, you always prefer it to look appealing to crip and smooth design. Laminates and Veneers are the most commonly used decorating materials for definitive looks. There are certain facts that make laminates a step ahead of Veneers for home decor, aesthetics, affordability, and ease of maintenance.

What makes Laminates so lucrative?

Learning more about the interesting facts on Laminates v/s Veneers definitely makes a sense.

Availability and affordability:

In the case of laminates, The cost of production is low, machine-made with beautiful and attractive customizations and this is what makes it widely available. On the other hand, although Veneers can be strained and textured as required, it takes a lot of time and the cost of production is high.

Durability, strain, and resistance:

Laminates are termite proof, highly resistant to moisture, strong and easy to maintain. It is easy to clean and take care of laminates. Best for damp areas like kitchens and tabletops. On the other hand, Veneers are highly prone to termites and abrasions if not taken proper care like time to time polishing. The veneer sheet may bubble or warp due to moisture or heat exposure.

Availability of colours and designs:

Due to the availability of endless designs, whether it be glossy or rough texture, laminates can replicate surface finishes viz., lather, marble, wood, stone, etc. Also, personalised prints can be done on the sheets by some digital printers. On the other hand, although veneers can lead to a high-end look, still lacks endless design options.

Strength and Maintenance:

As laminates are produced two or more layers under high pressure, it is highly durable with exceptional strength level. On the other hand, the quality and strength of veneers are largely dependent on workmanship and installations.

It is highly evident that laminates hold great advantage over the veneer and many of its aspects are value-added. So, are you wondering where to get the best laminates?

If you are looking for the best laminates with great deals in India, follow the links below

Decorative Laminates/MICA:

  • 1 mm laminate.
  • 0.8 mm laminate.
  • Door skin.
  • Digital Laminate.

For PVC laminates, click here.

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