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Plywood is highly densified material that is manufactured from thin layers of plies to form a composite material. The manufacturing process outcomes the best quality plywood and have several benefits:

  • It reduces expansion and shrinkage
  • Provides improved dimensional stability

Densified means minimum 8 to 9 layers of core veneers are pressed in high pressure pressing machine. This type of plywood is manufactured to have a smooth film coating on both sides of the faces. The waterproof plywood is used during construction, primarily for cement formworks or concrete purpose. Advance Decorative Laminates offer two types of Plywood viz., 18 mm plywood and 12 mm plywood. The laminated plywood is highly durable and adds a great aesthetic to furniture. It can be used as kitchen plywood. When it comes to shuttering plywood manufacturers, Amba Industries, is by-far, a widely acknowledged leader with innovative products designed around the global Indian. Our commercial plywood is perfect for domestic and commercial settings, as well the plywood cost is quite affordable. The MDF plywood are reasonably-priced, yet hard-wearing, offering supreme strength and oodles of grace to complement modern, urban living.

Advance Film Faced Shuttering Plywood

Shuttering Plywood or Advance Film Faced Shuttering Plywood is high-grade dense plywood that is mainly used for concrete purpose. The prime advantage of using this plywood is, it can withstand heavy loads, cement formworks during construction. It is generally used to make the cast of the ceiling, walls, drains, highways, pillars, etc, to pour concrete in it.

Advance Marine Plywood

Advance Marine Plywood or simply Marine Ply is used as a building material in a marine setting such as on ships or at docks. The awesome performs well in humid or wet conditions or anywhere. It is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions like moisture and high humidity. Marine Plywood guarantees high durability along with structural strength. As the plywood is comprised of several layers, it possesses high tensile strength. Advance Plywood takes special care of manufacturing MR Plywood that is exclusively made of high-density hardwood Eucalyptus inside. The multi-ply edge of the product provides unparallel strength and durability. To make it resistant to moisture, fortified MUF resin is used. We are offering the best range of veneer plywood, plyboard, MDF plywood, 12mm plywood, laminated plywood, waterproof plywood, gurjan plywood at affordable plywood cost in India.

You can choose high-quality products for home and offices:

  • Plywood for Kitchen.
  • Plywood for Wardrobe.
  • Plywood for commercial utility.

Advance BWP Grade Plywood

Advance BWP Grade Plywood is regarded as the epitome of class and elegance when it comes to interior decor and crafts. It adds a touch of luxury to your home, also won over the trust of homeowners.

Advantages of using BWP Plywood:

  • BWP Plywood is made with Strength and Shape Retention (SSR) which denotes the higher load-bearing capacity.
  • The boards are manufactured with a uniform thickness, to ensure maximum strength.
  • 100% borer and termite-proof.

Advance MDF

Advance MDF or Medium-density fibreboard is an engineered wood product made by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals resulting in wood fibres. The panels known as MDF Plywood are then made by applying high temperature and pressure. In general, MDF is stronger and denser, than particleboard. MDF is typically composed of 82% wood fibre, 9% urea-formaldehyde resin glue, 8% water and 1% paraffin wax.

Physical properties of MDF Plywood:

  • Consistent in strength and size
  • Shapes well
  • Table dimensions
  • Takes paint well
  • Takes wood glue well
  • High screw pull-out strength

Advance Veneered Plywood

Veneered Plywood or Plywood Veneer` is a class of engineered wood that is used in a variety of woodworking projects. The veneered plywood panels are sliced as thin as 1/40 of an inch and glued together.


  • High durability.
  • Keep veneer stronger and longer.
  • Less prone to splitting and cracking.

Advance Flexible Plywood

Advance Flexible Plywood is manufactured from hardwood veneer grown in a tropical forest, and geographical areas of high altitude plantation-based forest. Designers can make great visualisation and make dreams and designs alive.

Advance Pre laminated Plywood

Pre-laminated Plywood is high-grade marine plywood that are used for various purposes like Modular Kitchen, Modular Furniture, Bus Body Interiors etc. This product is highly recommended by architects. It is used for Interiors of buildings and bus body.

Advance MR Grade Blockboard

MR Grade Blockboard stands for Moisture Resistance Blockboard. This type of Plywood is used for indoor furniture, available in varied sizes and thickness range. Altogether, it is an efficient and economical solution for making a wide range of furniture in exclusive shapes and sizes.

Advance BWR Grade Blockboard

It stands for Boiling Water Resistant Blockboard that is widely used to make furniture for home, office as well as outdoors. It is made from phenolic resins. It can also be used indoors, outdoors and semi-outdoor purposes with humid conditions.

Advance Pre Laminated Blockboard

It is a material that has an objective to reduce laminate pasting hassles for indoor applications. It can withstand alternate wetting and drying, laminated paper ensures better tenacity, and protection from borer & Termites.

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