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How To Select Laminates For Different Interiors?

In today’s time, talking about renovating your home or simply decorating your home is not limited to changing the setting or paint. In these modern times, there are wide options that will not only beautify your home but also offer the perfect elegance, keeping the affordability at ease. Among those varied options, there is one such called Laminates. It is a thin sheet that protects your walls along with maintaining the aesthetics of your home.

There are an infinite number of ways in which we can style the laminates which are not at all restrictive to a particular space. It can give your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom a rich look along with maintaining its durability aspect. But with the diverse and rich collection of Advance Decorative Laminates, it might get a little cumbersome to choose the perfect laminate for your perfect spaces. Here’s the guide to help you choose the best suitable laminates for your interiors.

  1. Living Room: Since the living room depicts your personality and vibes of you and your home, its walls should reflect the kind of environment your home has. With the diverse collection of Advance Laminates, you can choose any shade, texture and design. You can also give a different outlook to your cabinets and countertops.
  2. Kitchen: Since Kitchen faces a lot of stains and heat, it requires something that can easily be cleaned along with maintaining the aesthetics of your kitchen. Here you can use Matte Laminates as they are easily cleaned and resist dirt with comparison to high gloss laminates.
  3. Bathroom: Since Bathroom is exposed to a lot of water and heat, it requires something that maintains its appearance. A water resistant laminate will best suit the floor as it has a medium-density fiberboard core that protects its layer. Due to its less thickness, your flooring can also be rapidly renovated without complete demolition.
  4. Guest Room: As the name suggests, it is for the guests, here you can use high gloss finish laminates to emphasise your rich taste. Here you can also put some creativity and select 2 tones for a single wall. You can also use vibrant shades to cheer the mood of your guests.
  5. Bedroom: Here, the soothing shades of Advance Laminates would do justice as the bedroom is a place where you find yourself most relaxed and comfortable after a hectic day. You can use Acrylic Laminates here or Zero Finish Laminates which are considered as the perfect substitutes for veneer.

To achieve your designing goals use Advance Laminates’ opulent and luxurious designs that sets you apart from your neighbouring competition within the tight budget.


Set your taste apart with a wide collection of styles, textures, shades, types, colours and finishes of Laminates. Choose what best depicts your style with Advance Decorative Laminates.


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