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This is not just a collection of laminate pieces put together but as the name suggests is the museum of some the most exclusive designs that the entire world has to offer. In our relentless passion to bring the newest designs to decorate the interior space we bring our much acclaimed collection of signature décor laminates called the ADVANCE EMPORIO.

The collection begins with synchronized laminates which is a revelation that gives the feel and aesthetics of veneer while preserving the versatility and advantages that laminates offer. Here every bark, Depth, grain or knot feels real to give you the warm and earthy feel that natural wood offers.

The collection moves on with laminates that highlighted your space with our signature ensemble of shimmer laminates that gives your space that attraction that calls you out with its twinkling effect at night. This is supported by GLITTER, FLICKER and UNICORE range.

Then we have our eye catching Diamond Gloss range with the added benefit of 4 times more life than high gloss laminates, we have enough to cater to every need with our wood grains, stone finish, abstract, fabrics, and solid colors.

The 17 EXCLUSIVE TEXTURES brings you the advantage to bring out combinations that look as natural as nature to give the essence of connection with the divine. At the same time some textures give the freedom to play with your imagination to construct that looks never ever seen before. As they say the human mind is the best playground.

Lastly, our SUEDE FINISH range ensures that no space is left undecorated where longevity and understand elegance matters the most. The designs have been supported by full sheet view of laminates coupled with their application in a modern interior space.

It would be our utmost pleasure if this collection partners you to achieve the designer space that you have aspired for.