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1.25MM Designer PVC

With the introduction of 1.25mm PVC Laminates, the sole purpose of Advance Decorative Laminates is to bring some unique and different decor panels that have unlimited potential in surface décor. This range of PVC sheets can offer a complete makeover with finishes and colors like never before. Your exterior space can have a stunning character and unparalleled designs.

1.25mm PVC sheets have luxurious designs that add aesthetic value to interiors as well as exterior spaces. The thick panels are designed to deliver exceptional style and quality along with highly stable and resistant pigments which guarantee longevity.

The PVC sheets also perform exceptionally well for exterior decoration in high traffic areas such as office spaces, hospitality, commercial spaces, healthcare, & retail.

The premium-grade laminate is thicker than other laminates which provide a beautiful look & feel to your products. With the minimal chance of breakage and chipping of these laminates, they can be used in any type of interior works.

The 1.25mm PVC panels are available in a wide range of designs and colours include bold, solid glossy, matte, textures, anti-finger, sparkles, solids, wooden, leather, and velvet finishes. To resolve the full figure of the designs, you just need to scan the QR code given.

Advance 1.25 PVC laminate is the best in terms of:

1. Better decorative for dusty areas and Indian weather conditions.

2. 100% real termite and borer proof, also it is the third most widely produced decorative panel.

3. The base of the decorative panel is 100% colour core.

5. Since it is made with high quality virgin Polyvinyl material, it is 90 degree bendable.

6. As it is made with 100% Lead free material, it is safe to use in interior and kids friendly.

7. It is completely recyclable and reusable.

8. It is highly resistant to fire, so can be used in your kitchen and offices.